OrgChat is the only team chat platform
with a built-in communication bridge

Our communication bridge lets you…

   Collaborate with anyone on just about any device, anywhere, on any channel.

   Mix and match chat, SMS/MMS, email, phone, fax, and video/audio/screen share.

Send one messages to everyone on their preferred device(s)
I just landed! I can be there 15 min Benefits of OrgChat men-with-phone-car
Phone calls are forwarded to whatever number you provide and texts are kept organized in OrgChat channels where your team can easily respond on whatever device they prefer I’d love to take a look at the
123 Main St. property.
Benefits of OrgChat I’d love to walk you through the place. I’ve
got an opening this afternoon at 2 pm.
Perfect, see you then!
Generate more appointments To schedule a follow-up visit, please reply
to this message or call.
Benefits of OrgChat Do you have anything this
Yes, we have an opening today at 3 PM.
Does that work?
Yes, works great! This is an auto-generated message.
Easily coordinate schedule changes #staffchannel Benefits of OrgChat I can take it! Great, thanks! To schedule a follow-up visit, please reply
to this message or call.
Stay in touch with your best customers Benefits of OrgChat Do you have anything available
next Friday?
We've missed seeing you! Please reply to schedule an appointment. This is an auto-generated message. Yes, we can do 10 AM, 3:30 PM,
or 4:00 PM.
3:30 PM would be perfect!
Improve customer experience by providing updates of changes Benefits of OrgChat Dr. Smith is running 30 minutes late.
Please come 30 minutes later than your
scheduled time or you can optionally
call to reschedule.
Turn service requests into sales opportunities
Benefits of OrgChat How do I access the detailed analytics dashboard? lady-with-laptop Let me check in with our sales team! @sales Let's go ahead and upgrade
them. I'll reach out next week
when they've had a change to
try it and try to upgrade them!
Acme Corp is asking about
access to the BI Dashboard.
I've added a trial of the BI Dashboard to your account. Your Account manager will check in with you next week. Great, thanks!
Quickly send emergency notifications #everyone Benefits of OrgChat Due to inclement weather, the
office will be closed today.

Why OrgChat?

Keep your conversations organized within channels

OrgChat organizes conversations by topic or team or project, so you always know where to get the info you need.

Have the same conversation over chat, email, SMS, or phone

Team members can participate in the same conversation using their preferred communication tools, and everything still stays organized within channels.

Let external people join your conversations via SMS or FAX

When someone sends an SMS or FAX message to your channel’s assigned number, the message will be posted for everyone in the channel to see. And, anyone in the channel can respond.

Flexible Features that Enhance Efficiency

Stay organized with channels

You can create public or private channels for every project, topic, department, or whatever makes sense for your team.

Reach people the way that they prefer

Each member of your team can choose how they’d like to stay informed: chat, SMS, email, or phone.

Receive messages from any source

Each channel is assigned an email address and phone number for receiving emails, SMS, and FAX messages directly into the channel.

Video/audio conferencing

Quickly jump from chat to a video/audio conference (supports screen sharing, document collaboration, and dial-in participants).

Share files and documents

When you share files and documents within a conversation, you can add the critical details and context you don’t get while browsing folders.


Eliminate language barriers

With OrgChat, messages are automatically translated in real-time.

Predictive type, powered by AI

After learning how you and your team members communicate, OrgChat can offer suggestions as you type.

Works on all devices (desktop/mobile)

Access your messages anywhere. OrgChat works on iOS, Android, and Desktop (PC/Mac) devices.

More efficient than email,
More flexible than Slack and Microsoft Teams

How We Compare

Email Slack/Teams OrgChat
Send and receive messages to and from any source
Chat Chat only
Email Email only
Automated phone calls
Social (Coming Soon)
Includes all the features you’d expect from a team chat platform
Public/Private channels
Inter-organizational channels Channels can contain members from multiple organizations
(Note: all member organizations must subscribe to OrgChat)
Direct messages On-the-fly conversations between two people
Groups On-the-fly conversations between more than two people.
(Available Sept. 2020)
Adhere to compliance without fuss or bother
Quick-and-easy compliance with SEC archive requests
Administrators can easily control access and provisioning
Built-in web conferencing and document sharing
Video/audio conference Supports screen sharing, document collaboration, and dial-in participants Limited
Share files and documents
Enterprise features
Automatic translation
Message are automatically translated into your native language
Predictive type, powered by AI Suggestions based on your chat history

Note: If your team currently uses Slack or Microsoft Teams, we can still work with you! We have add-ons for both Slack and Microsoft Teams that give you access to our communication bridge without having to switch. Contact us for more details.

Industries We Serve

We have developed custom integrations and customizations for discrete manufacturing, mutual funds, defense, government, healthcare, real estate, insurance and other industries.

We can work with you to deliver a version of our platform that works best for your team.

  • All
  • Automotive
  • Financial/Insurance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Service
Montgomery County
Naval Hospital Jacksonville
Briggs & Stratton
Land Rover
Alliance Bernstein
Bny Mellon
Liberty Mutual Insurance
OnceBeacon Insurance



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OrgChat is the only team chat platform with a built-in communication bridge